What is REIKI?

Everyone – every THING – has Life Force Energy. Think about the way our bodies use the air we breathe to turn oxygen into energy for our organs and blood flow and all around general health. And the way trees use photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into the oxygen our bodies are using to keep us alive. And how we absolutely do NOT have to think about these processes in order for them to happen. They happen on their own. 

Life Force Energy.

Having a stagnant Life Force Energy can make us feel blah, in every sense of the word.

Having a free-flowing and vibrant Life Force Energy can make us feel more alive and like ourselves than we have in years. Also in every sense of those words.

To avoid me going on forever (there are future blog posts for that), Reiki.org explains how Reiki works in pretty awesome detail, in a way that makes a lot of sense for a brain like mine. If you’d like more info before simply trusting me on how awesome it is – that’s the place. 


Because Reiki and I are only beginning to get to know each other, I’m offering complimentary sessions while I hone my skills! 

If you’re ready to experience energy regulation, while also helping me hone my Reiki skills, please use the form below to contact me about scheduling a complimentary appointment. My safe and comfortable (and very well decorated) practice studio is in the 21701 – I will send you the exact address upon appointment confirmation.