Packing your boxes like an organised pro

Packing your boxes like an organised pro | Organisation | The Chronicles of Carly

Packing your boxes like an organised pro

Moving is an exciting time and can kick start a new change in your life both physically and mentally. You can redesign a whole new space and get rid of things you don’t need anymore. But let’s face it, people love to hoard. Trying to rummage through drawers and drawers full of the junk you have collected over the years and finding things that you have bought with all intentions of using but just never got time to is super annoying and just adds that extra bit of stress when you can’t find something you need.

But don't fret. Moving is the perfect time to regain control over your belongings and hit 'refresh' - you just have to know what you are doing. Here are my top tips for packing your boxes like an organised pro.


Now is a great time to go through your unopened drawers and chuck out some things that you do not need anymore. The more stuff you can throw out, the less you have to find a space for at your new place. I find it cathartic to go through and sort things, but I know it is hard for some people. Easiest way is to ask if you really need things. This also goes for clothes. Getting rid of old clothes and donating them to your local charity can cleanse the soul and make life easier when you are trying to pack up your wardrobe.


We all hate it (*cough* not me), but it needs to be done. Clean absolutely everything. Dusting items as you organise them is a good way to minimalise the amount of cleaning to be done once everything is in its new space. Get some of that cleaning done that you haven’t had time to get to over the past few months, at least you won’t have to do it again until you move again right?


It’s pretty important to have a game plan when moving, Hire a Box offer options on all different sizes. Putting things in piles and zones in order to pack into boxes is super important when moving. During life things get moved everywhere, no doubt while moving you will find something that you haven’t seen in months. Making sure all of your items are together before you pack will definitely make it easier to find things while you are unpacking. The key to organising your boxes is to be as specific as possible with what you are packing. Instead of just packing your study into one box, consider breaking it down into documents and stationary in order to ease the stress of unpacking.


This is THE key to being organised. Label everything; and I’m not talking about writing clothes on the side of a box, you should be writing what type of clothes whether they are summer clothes, jackets, pants, tees, etc. Make your life easier when it comes time to unpack everything as guaranteed some boxes will remain unopened for some time after you’ve moved to your new pad.


Hiring a mover is the best way for stuff to arrive damage free. Movers can help with organising your big ticket items and take the stress out of trying to fit everything into multiple cars. It can also guarantee that the job is done safely and everything stays together. You don’t want to arrive at your new place and just to realise that you can’t find some of your boxes.

This post was written in collaboration with box hire and packaging supply company – Hire A Box & Influencer Management Service – #AsSeenOn.