How To Maximise Your Time After Work To Be A Productivity Queen

How To Maximise Your Time After Work To Be A Productivity Queen | The Chronicles of Carly

How To Maximise Your Time After Work To Be A Productivity Queen

If you clicked on this article, you are probably sick of your weekdays being Groundhog Day. Weekdays comprise 71.4% of your life, so it only makes sense that you don’t want it to be all eat, sleep, work, repeat. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way! With a bit of forethought, planning and a coffee or two, you can reclaim your weekdays.

Currently, outside of work, I run this blog, (try to) prioritize my social life, run the growing list of life-admin errands and try to have quality time with the country boy (especially as he is leaving the country in two months).

While these things do take up my time and also give me some solo-downtime, I still want to increase my productivity and achieve more.

In the next twelve months, I have three really key goals (outside of work)

  1. return to university to study my MBA (in the executive accelerate program just to really turn things up a notch)
  2. grow this blog like a mofo and;
  3. increase my passive and/or secondary income streams.

Are these aspirational goals? Yes and no! But they will require me to really maximise my time and become the Queen of Productivity.

I do currently dub myself the Princess of Productivity though and here is what I do to maximise my time after work…

Productivity Tip 1 | Listen to podcasts or the news on the way home

My commute time is about 45 minutes to an hour on average. While this used to really do my head in, I have reset my mindset and instead use this time more effectively. I will usually listen to a podcast to help me up-skill or understand a subject better, or if my brain is dead, I will tune into the news and make sure I am up to date with current events.

My commute is me driving so I need to keep my eyes and hands on the task at hand. But if you are on a train or bus, you are not limited to using your ears. You could read that book you have been dying to read, write your heart out for a blog or personal journal, heck you could even knit a scarf.

Productivity Tip 2 | Keep moving

When I get home, the temptation to sit down on the couch for ‘just a second’ is awfully tempting, but when I do that I just know my nights are going to be far less productive.
Instead, the second I get out of my car it is go time. If I keep moving, I can keep the momentum up and get sh*t done!

Side note: on nights that I really need to hustle, I treat my commute home as ‘down time’ and take the time to wind down ‘Work Carly’. This means that by the time I get home, I am refreshed and in ‘Personal Carly’ headspace.

Productivity Tip 3 | When everything is done, then and only then will I have a shower and start winding down.

This tip sounds super simple but I promise it works.

Productivity Tip 4 | Avoid social media like it is the PLAGUE!

We have all been scrolling our feeds deep in social media land only to look up at the clock and see that a full hour has passed.

Avoid social media at all costs if you want to be productive!

I am in a sticky situation where being on social media is a key part of my blog. To combat this, I go onto social media with a purpose, achieve that purpose and then throw my phone to the other side of the room to remove temptation.

Be warned: mindless scrolling will steal your time and rob you of your productivity.

Productivity Tip 5 | Read ‘I Know How She Does It’ by Laura Vanderkam

In the book, Laura shows the very real time logs of executive women juggling work, families, personal pursuits and more. Reading ‘I Know How She Does It’ helped me really grasp the elasticity of time.

Productivity Tip 6 | Have a plan

No-one has put it better than le ol’ Benjamin Franklin when he said: “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

By creating a kick-ass plan ahead of time, you are ensuring you are being your most productive self and avoiding falling into the trap of just doing ‘busy work’. Anyone can be ‘busy’, that is not what you want, you want to be a highly productive go-getter.

Although I am trying to live that #FrugalLife I do splash out on the adorable KikkiK To Do List (this is the one I use – I currently have one for work and one for home). To-do lists and structures motivate me and give me that extra push to keep hustling.

Pro tip: physically write out your to-do lists. There is nothing as fun as grabbing a pen and scribbling out a completed task! Digital versions simply don’t have the same motivation factors.

Productivity Tip 7 | Take time to chill out

Yes, this article is all about boosting productivity but you are not going to be very productive at all if you are burned out. Go-getters in particular really struggle with adopting a ‘slow it down’ mindset, but if anything, it is 100% more important for us to prioritise self-care so we CAN be our most productive and high achieving selves.

As always, thank you for taking the time to visit The Chronicles of Carly.

Have a fabulously productive day,
Carly xx

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