Inbox Bliss: How To Create A Healthy Relationship With Your Emails

Inbox Bliss: How To Create A Healthy Relationship With Your Emails | The Chronicles of Carly

Inbox Bliss: How To Create A Healthy Relationship With Your Emails

Inboxes, they are like genitals. We all have them but only some of us know how to use them responsibly.

Okay, now that I have got your attention by using a weird genital analogy we can dive right into the boring stuff. I.E. Managing your inbox like a pro. Now I understand this topic does not excite everyone however if you do it and do it right the world is your oyster.

There are three types of people in this world:

  1. The Carlys – these are the people whose brains literally malfunction if their inbox is a clusterfuck of chaos.
  2. The Brandons – my lovely boyfriend who is completely at peace knowing that there are over 30k of unopened emails in his inbox. The problem has slowly compounded over time into a mountain of doom that no one, not even me, is allowed to try and conquer. It literally poses a health risk. How he sleeps at night, no one knows.
  3. The Inbetweeners – these beautiful and well-meaning people are torn between smashing out their to-do list and responding to their emails. What happens is their brain doesn’t know what to prioritise and this just adds an unnecessary amount of stress and pressure to their days.

So who do you want to be? If you are completely content with being a Brandon I politely suggest you close this window and get off my blog. This is not a place for you. If you do, however, have a keen interest in getting hold of your life and gaining more control over your working days then please, by all means, read on.

Inbox Bliss Tip 1 | Allocate time to check your inbox

This was by far the greatest thing I have done for my workflow and personal sanity. My day goes a little something like this:

9:00 am – Do a big motherf**king Inbox check: I can come into work with anywhere from 30-100 emails. A lot are reports about our clients’ website performance but still a lot of stuff to weed through. My 9:00 am inbox check also may dictate how my day is going to go: is there any fires that require being put out that came in overnight? Yes? Well, there goes my impeccably organised to do list! No? Fabulous. Time to close my inbox.

12:30 pm – Inbox check

Lunchtime – time to feast my face

1:30 pm – Inbox check

4:45 pm – Inbox check: obviously this is the final one for the day. I make sure that my inbox gets back to that sexy ZERO. If something requires my attention tomorrow it gets a cheeky ‘star’. But I have a golden rule that I can only have five ‘starred’ emails at any given time – otherwise I am walking into a crazy list of chaos the following day and nobody wants that.

Disclaimer: I understand that this is not always possible. If I am waiting for an important contract to be returned or the team is desperately chasing a deadline and we are waiting on the client then I will check my emails often AF. BUTTTTT, I will only scan my inbox for that particular email and ignore the other, untimely stuff, until my designated inbox checks.

Inbox Bliss Tip 2 | Folders are your best friend

I use folders for both my personal and my work emails. They are a Godsend. It is my digital filing system. My personal emails receives a crazy variety of stuff for my apartment, my tenant (when I had one), my insurances, my payslips, my finances, my car, my doctors, my blog and so much more! Folders sort everything away that I want to keep.

This is the same with my work email. We have a very long list of clients and a lot of those emails I have to store as they include vital information. Plus as I am in admin I also get a whole variety of emails for the team, for events, for the office and the list goes on.
Folders enable you to save the important stuff you need in an organised fashion WITHOUT cluttering your inbox.

Pro Tip: both my emails have a folder called ‘Brain Food’ – here I save super interesting emails and growth opportunities that I know will feed my brain when I have some spare time up my sleeve.

Inbox Bliss Tip 3 | UNsubscribe

I am one loyal gal and am still using my email address for my personal life. Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? But I have had that email account since Grade 9? Grade 10? And guess what? I no longer shop at Supre nor do I feel compelled to torture myself with Kayla Itsines’ emails reminding me that I should really get off my ass. That was 16-year-old Carly. 22-year-old Carly has different interests and needs and my inbox subscriptions should reflect that. And I am willing to bet that 30-year-old Carly is going to ditch her subscription to ‘Girl Night In’ (thanks Rachy B for turning me onto that) and sign up to the Tommee Tippee Breast Pump email list or something else crazily adult.

Savings tip: ever since I manually unsubscribed from 90% of the emails I was getting I am no longer getting flash sales and super compelling marketing emails sent to my inbox. Safe to say since removing Decjuba from my inbox my bank account can rest easy (sorry Decjuba, I still love you!)

There you go. Three super simple tips to reclaim your inbox! Chances are if you are a Brandon-type of person you may need to dedicate 10 hours to sorting your Mountain of Doom but let me tell you, once you conquer that mountain and reclaim Inbox Bliss life is pretty bloody good.

Thank you so so much for reading,
Carly xx