Twenty-Somethings: How Are You Spending Your ‘Best Years’?

Twenty-Somethings: How Are You Spending Your 'Best Years'? | The Chronicles of Carly

Twenty-Somethings: How Are You Spending Your ‘Best Years’?

Your twenties can feel like hard work. You are entering the #Adulting world and trying to discover your purpose and the ‘meaning of life’. Some people head straight into the workforce, others go down the path of higher education and others jump in a van and disappear. For those chasing success, it can be hard to know how ‘best’ to spend your time. But it is important to remember that there is no one road to success. We are all on our own paths.

Your twenties are a funny time. I know this because I am currently deep in the twenty-something vortex, right here with you. In my experience, there are two types of twenty-year-olds:

Type 1 – “My twenties are the years to work hard and set myself up.”

If you are reading this blog, I am willing to predict you fall into this camp.

Type 2 – “My twenties are my best years, I am going to travel, explore and have fun!”

Majority of my friends fall into this camp. To them I say, please stop posting photos of your European adventures… I get extreme FOMO.

Okay, so why am I talking about this? Well, last week, I was afforded the opportunity to talk with two very successful but vastly different people:

  • Person #1 is in his mid-twenties; married, with one toddler, one newborn, and one very cool business #Goals
  • Person #2 is someone I have been giddy with excitement to talk with. She is in her mid-thirties and is a high-level executive for my favourite Australian fast-food chain. On top of that, she has advanced her tertiary studies and completed her MBA #AlsoGoals

Their similarities?

To me, both of these individuals inspire and motivate me. To me, both these people are wildly successful. And to me, I would be very happy if my resume looked like either of these individuals.

Their differences?

Person #1 is very much a Type 1 twenty-something. He passionately believes that now is the time to put his head down and get sh*t done so that he can enjoy the fruits of his labour later on in life.

While he is extremely ahead of me in the game I call ‘Maximising Your Twenties’, it was still really refreshing and motivating to talk with someone whose life perspective aligns with mine.

So what about Person #2? I, like Person #1, find her incredibly inspiring even though she lived her twenties in the Type 2 camp. I was discussing my plans to start my MBA and my career goals with her and she said something that really got my attention. She said something along the lines of “oh I wouldn’t worry about that now. When I was your age I was out every weekend and enjoying life.”

When she first said that I was initially taken-aback (yes, I need to get a thicker skin). Hustling in my twenties is the only road I know so who was she to tell me it was the “wrong way”? But after a quick sulk, I realised that for her, enjoying her twenties and working harder in life was all she knew. Regardless of the different routes we are taking, both of us are working towards (and kicking) our goals.

To wrap up this weird rambling of words…

There are so many pathways that can lead you to success; there is no “right way”, “right time” or “right age”.

Stop focusing on what other people are doing or where you ‘should’ be in life according to those around you! Instead, focus on where you are at this point in your life. Afterall, there are numerous ways, ages and stages to get to that destination that we all call ‘success’.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article,
Carly xx

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