Struggles Of An Outgoing Introvert

Struggles Of An Outgoing Introvert | The Chronicles of Carly

Struggles Of An Outgoing Introvert

Are you an outgoing introvert? Then you would know that the struggle is quite seriously REAL. People that are not all that close to me are often shocked to learn that I have a serious case of introvert-itis. Now, I have come to love my introverted self and have stopped resisting, which my body and mind have sincerely appreciated BUT being an outgoing introvert has its struggles.

I can be a fairly loud, talkative, outgoing person which can give off this illusion that I am one happy extrovert. My job requires me to be outgoing and put my best people-friendly foot forward. And working on my personal project, The Chronicles of Carly requires me to step way out of my element and put myself out there into the world. While I LOVE my job and am really enjoying The Chronicles of Carly, they completely zap by energy reserves.

As an introvert, I am not built for socialising being in front of a camera, people management, talks, group events or parties. But as an outgoing person, I enjoy connecting with people, being loud and out there, sharing my experiences, being friendly AF and throwing myself into social situations. Do you see my conundrum? These things are POLAR FREAKING OPPOSITE.

Being an outgoing introvert presents even more struggles when you throw in other people’s perceptions of you. Because I am outgoing people expect me to:

  • love parties – they give me a rash and an extreme bout of social anxiety
  • have a sh*t tonne of friends – I struggle to maintain three close friends (if you are reading this: I am sorry for being a recluse and I love you).
  • enjoy back-to-back events on the weekend – one event a week will wipe me mental capacity
    always be ‘on’ – being ‘on’ takes a serious amount of effort and after a day of being ‘put-together, outgoing Carly’ I need some peace, some quiet, some How I Met Your Mother and a good 10 hours worth of Zzzzzz.
  • be the go-to presentation/team meeting person – again, I love my job, but talking in front of 15 people or calling a client does not come naturally to me thanks to my social-deficiencies.

Anywho, that is all the energy for today. My introverted-self is going to jump into bed with a tea and relish in some Netflix.

For the non-introverts out there, give your friend a hola and let them know you love them even when they are an awkward recluse (sometimes we need to know that).

As always, thank you so so much for reading.
Carly xx

Ps. Need a helpful guide to living with introvert-itis. MuchelleB doles out some seriously handy tips.

Pps. To all the outgoing introverts out there… this funny little article from Thought Catalog made me giggle.