How are those New Year’s Resolutions travelling? The February Check-In

How are those New Year’s Resolutions travelling? The February Check-In | Life | The Chronicles of Carly

How are those New Year’s Resolutions travelling? The February Check-In

It is mid-February and time for a check-in. If you are anything like all the other humans on the planet you forgot about your NY resolutions weeks ago and are blissfully munching on that chocolate bar you swore you would not touch as we speak.

Guess what? I would love to come on here and brag that I am ticking off my NY resolutions and kicking butt but… well… oops?

I started 2018 cocky. I was prepared. I had habit trackers all across my kitchen and my one-year and five-year plans on display. I was not going to suffer resolution-fatigue this year. No sir. Too many years I have been crippled by life, leaving my NY resolutions on the roadside to die. But not 2018. So I thought. Again, ooops?

Lemme provide you with a little update on how things are traveling:

Resolution #1 | Drink warm lemon water every morning

I started strong with this one and have so far done this about 20 mornings. 50% success rate isn’t too bad.

Resolution #2 | Have greens powder every day

Like my lemon water habit, I started strong. And between the lemon water and the greens powder, I was feeling goooood. Then one morning I forgot and boom, any momentum I had was shot to shit. It is okay though because as of me writing this I have gotten back into the habit. Three days in a row and counting!

Resolution #3 | Walk a minimum of 30 minutes a day #DeskJobStruggles

It is too hot. It is going to rain. I am too tired. I am too sick. I just want to lay down. I am the excuse QUEEN. I promise I was going really well until my beautiful boyfriend took me to the gym for leg day. Not a word of a lie, I could not walk properly for DAYS let alone get my walk on around the neighborhood.

Resolution #4 | Drink bone broth #Vomit

I mean, I know it is good for me. My taste buds just haven’t gotten the message yet. If you want to read more about my thoughts on bone broth you can. Yes, seriously. I wrote an entire article on it.

Resolution #5 | Pay off the remaining $2,300 on my personal loan

Hey! I am actually achieving this goal. I am already down past the $1,750 mark. The goal is to pay it off before April 31 which means I have going to have to get creative.

Resolution #6 | Be a better partner to Brandon

The jury is still out on this one. You may have to ask him.

Resolution #7 | See Mum a minimum of 4 times this year #InterstateParentStruggles

Seen her once this year. And she is coming up in March. And then Brandon and I are going down in May. I think we are going to successfully smash this goal!

Resolution #8 | Learn about a new topic each fortnight

Hahahaha. This was an awfully unfeasible goal. Between blogging, working full time, home ownership, cat parenting and boyfriend loving my little brain wants to nap before even thinking about learning about an entirely new topic every 14 days. I am thinking I may need to revisit this goal to maybe a topic a month?

Resolution #9 | Find a charity that I am passionate about and volunteer my time

I have not even looked at this yet. But I am definitely open to any suggestions. I get overwhelmed by all the charities that are doing great things and desperate for additional hands on deck.

Resolution #10 | Build a passive and/or secondary income stream

Eeeeeek. I momentarily looked at this before being overwhelmed but I do really need to kick this one into gear if I want to go visit the aforementioned boyfriend who has decided to move overseas. Apparently having me as a girlfriend has literally driven him out of the country.

Resolution #11 | Buy a sofa bed #OneBedroomApartmentLife

I love when Mum and her partner come to visit but I am not so stoked on having to sleep on the floor. In my defense, I can’t tick this off the resolution list until AFTER my personal loan is paid off.

On reflection, some of these aren’t New Year’s Resolution as much as ‘2018 To Do List’ but hey, same same right?

Anywho… I have thrown myself into the deep end and dobbed myself into the NY Resolution police. Now it is your turn. How are you traveling along with your New Year’s Resolutions? Have they fallen by the wayside as everyday life has taken over? Join me in an effort to revamp my resolutions and the motivation that went with it.

As always thank you so much for reading and be sure to share your resolution progress with me (@thechroniclesofcarly).
Carly xx