Youtube + Chill: My Current Youtube Binge List

Blog - Youtube + Chill: My Current Youtube Binge List

Youtube + Chill: My Current Youtube Binge List

I don’t know if it is because I live by myself, have a weird relationship with silence or because after a day at work my eyes hurt at the thought of reading, maybe it is a combination of all three but I am a Youtube feign.

Youtube makes the mundane tasks tolerable. Have to do your makeup every single morning? Pop some Youtube on. Let your dishes pile up despite promising yourself you would stop doing that? Pop some Youtube on. Hanging out your washing? Pop some Youtube on. Have a lifetime supply of weeds in your garden that requires your removal? Pop some Youtube on.

Are you catching my drift? Youtube is the bomb! Here are some of my favourite channels:


Instagram: @muchelleb

MuchelleB may just be my #womencrush every day of the freaking week. Her voice, her style, her brain, her obsession with routine and has the same breakfast erry single day #QueenOfRoutine. Plus she is Gold Coast-based and is about all things minimalism, routine, and personal growth #winning

Pros: HER! Seriously, try watching her without falling in love. Impossible!

Cons: I am out of videos to watch. Silly me binge watched way too hard and now I am in desperate need of MuchelleB.


Youtube: Lavendaire
Instagram: @lavendaire

With a name like Lavendaire, you shouldn’t be surprised that I just love listening to her calming voice. The biggest thing that draws me to Lavendaire’s channel every week is her focus on personal growth and how she shares her own blogging journey. I am yet to listen to her Podcast but it is definitely at the top of my list.

Pros: Her calming voice/the content isn’t too heavy so you can easily watch it to wind down before bed. Added bonus, she covers so many different topics you can find the ones that really appeal to you.

Cons: It is American! After reading this blog you will probably think I am strongly anti-American. I can promise you that is not the case. I just find Australian-bloggers easier to relate to (plus they share Australian locations, products and other Aussie-specific stuff).

The Financial Diet

Youtube: The Financial Diet
Instagram: @thefinancialdiet

Ahhhh finances… the golden ticket to independence and stability. Talk to anyone in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s or hell 20s and they will tell you that they wish they were smarter with their money. It is never too early to jump on the money train but it is always too late. Start learning the basics to budgeting, frugal living and money-mindful decisions with TFD (and learn from their mistakes rather than having to make your own!)

Pros: Young gals (mid-20s) giving advice to young gals, that is my type of Youtube channel. Plus they channel is light and friendly (an uncommon thing when it comes to financial-based channels).

Cons: Being from the US, a lot of their specifics is dedicated to US financials – I never want to hear the word 401k ever again. But their overarching themes/general advice is the tits.

The Dave Ramsey Show (every day of the freaking week)

Youtube: The Dave Ramsey Show
Instagram: @daveramsey

Okay, if The Financial Diet is the young, friendly and light way of learning about personal finance/wealth building than Dave Ramsey is the scary professor at the front of the room disseminating the theories of money to you.

Well maybe not that dramatic, but you get the point. Dave Ramsey is the be-all-and-end-all of money. This guy is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of money. He is responsible for the snowball-principle, the 7-step program, the Tony-Robbins-like-financial-seminars and helping thousands of people achieve financial independence #goals.

Pros: This guy is a personal finance legend and you would be wise to soak up all the financial wisdom you can get from him as soon as you can.

Cons: If you are new to money, start with the girls at The Financial Diet and then move into Dave Ramsey. He loves a little #toughlove and the videos are pretty heavy/require your full focus.

Georgie Stevenson #BrisbaneGalsUnite

Youtube: Georgie Stevenson
Instagram: @georgiestevenson

I am the first to admit it – I am a sucker when it comes to supporting Brisbane gals doing their thing… *cue* Georgie Stevenson. Leveraging off her Instagram success, Georgie has started a Youtube channel to share her passion for fitness and holistic health (stemming from her own health journey) which is helping ladies from far and wide, including myself. Added bonus? This girl is engaged (and currently planning a wedding), living that sweet homeowner life AND works full time as a law graduate. So even if you aren’t into the whole health journey part, there is definitely a sh*t tonne you could learn about time management from her!

Pros: Her pancake recipe (literally have it 5/7 mornings), she is super relatable plus she showcases how to get fit and healthy in BRISBANE. The amount of Syndey-based or Melbourne-based fitness blogs I follow is insane so it is awesome to see a Brisbane girl showing me the way around being healthy in Brisbane.

Cons: Classic me – I have already seen all her videos so now I have to (im)patiently wait for her to release some more videos.

The Graham Norton Show

Youtube: The Graham Norton Show
Instagram: @thegrahamnortonshow

Is this even remotely related to personal growth/health/productivity/personal wealth? Hell no! But who can say no to alcohol infused celebrities being hosted by an Irish dude? Not me, that’s for sure. This show is gold!

Pros: Judi Dench, as a guest.

Cons: There isn’t more Graham Norton’s or Judi Dench’s in the world.

If you couldn’t tell by my introduction/rant, I like to pop some Youtube on whenever the situation permits and I love discovering new channels. If you have a channel that you simply love, let me know!

Now do yourself a favour and pop some Youtube on!

Thank you so much for reading,
Carly xx