Gyms aren’t for me. So why do I keep buying memberships?

Gyms aren’t for me. So why do I keep buying memberships? | The Chronicles of Carly

Gyms aren’t for me. So why do I keep buying memberships?

Last year, idiot me did it again. I bought a gym membership. Every second year I get this wave of motivation. "This year,” I say, “this year I am going to get rock hard abs and sport a butt that Tammy Hembrow would be envious of.”

But do you know what? I go once a month on average (*cough* if that) and all I do for the entire 12 months is feel ridiculously guilty that I am a) neglecting my health and b) never going to have a booty that breaks the internet- all at the expense of my poor bank account.

So here is a little letter to myself to serve as a reminder to NOT renew my gym membership this February… no matter how ‘motivated’ I feel.

Dear Carly,

Why do you keep doing this? We have been through this. Gyms and you don’t mix. You aren’t co-ordinated. You don’t know what machine does what. Big, smelly men grunting at themselves in the mirror doesn’t do anything for you, in fact it makes you even more self-conscious. Why do you keep signing yourself up for 12 month contracts of this?

I get it. You want the abs. You want the booty. You want to look like Steph Claire Smith running down the beach like a clip straight out of Baywatch.

I know you also want to feel healthy. Be able to run up seven flights of stairs without puffing at the end. Wake up and bounce out of bed. To feel strong. And I am not saying we can’t work on that but I just don’t think a gym is the answer.

Let’s be practical. You work long hours, you have your blog, you want to be helping your mum with the bed and breakfast more, you want to have more time with the people you love and you want to get outside more. Where does a gym fit into that? It doesn’t. And that is okay. It isn’t something you have to resist or beat yourself up about.

At this point in your life waking up at 5am means more time to read a business book, or work on the blog, or look after your home, or going into work early to catch-up. At this point in your life, 5am wake ups aren’t for the gym.

At this point in your life we could put the cost of a gym membership towards better uses. I know you want to put more money towards your mortgage each week. I know you want to build up your emergency fund. I know you want to buy some new clothes. I know you want to do some things around the unit. Why don’t we take the $1,000+ a year and put it towards that stuff?

Why don’t we, instead of spending unnecessary money on a never-used membership, try and find ‘that thing’ that you love. I know you have been thinking about horse riding. I know you love hiking. I know you want to try swimming (as a forced meditation of sorts). Let’s focus on those thing. The things that make you feel good, not inadequate. The things that you look forward to, not dread. The things that get you outside and fill up your cup. Those are the things we should focus on.

All my love,

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