De-Stressing Strategies for a Stressful Day In The Office

De-Stressing Strategies for a Stressful Day In The Office | Life | The Chronicles of Carly

De-Stressing Strategies for a Stressful Day In The Office

This week has been an insane week that has followed a series of high-pressure weeks. Safe to say, with the nature of my role and how heavy it is in the human management realm, I always have at least some form of ‘high stress’ incident occur once a week.

What do you get when you combine a high-stress-incident with a girl that is a mixed bag of anxiety, depression and high expectations? Chest-rashes with a 100% chance of Cyclone Carly.

I am slowly but surely learning how to keep my cool and stay level-headed in times of stress. And I thought you could benefit from one (or all) of my de stressing-strategies.

De-stressing strategy 1 | take my shoes off.

Yes, really. I don’t know what it feels like for other people but when I feel my stress levels increasing and anxiety building I get really claustrophobic and feel like the ‘world’ is closing in.

What helps me DRAMATICALLY is taking my shoes off. Especially now that we are in winter, I am wearing enclosed shoes and boots and simply taking them off can giving me ‘some breathing room’ and give me a feeling of relief.

I know what you are thinking. “Ewww…. Put your shoes back on.” To that I say, would you rather I politely take my shoes off under my desk and have a full-blown panic attack in an open-plan office? Life is a series of choices and I am happy with my choice #FreeTheFeet

De-stressing strategy 2 | carry lavender oil around

After lavender oil helped me sleep deeply and calm home-time-Carly I thought it was time to take my trust bottle to work. Now I carry lavender oil around in my pencil case and it is always within an arm’s reach. If I am feeling stress bubble to the surface I put some lavender either on my wrist or on my temples.

De-stressing strategy 3 |  lock yo’self away

My role is heavily focused around humans and as an introvert sometimes I need to escape my fellow people. It is not because I don’t love them, I do! I am blessed to work with some of the most incredible people. But if I am stressed, I am just going to ooze (yuck, ooze) my stress onto them and create a toxic environment. Instead, I would prefer to remove myself, work on a project or task I genuinely enjoy, recharge and return to the group environment when I am ready. Obviously, this is not available to me all the time but if I really need it I try my very best to make it happen!

De-stressing strategy 4 | put down the coffee and pick up that water

Do I really need to explain this? Caffeine hypes you up and can increase the feelings/symptoms of stress and anxiety. Instead, get yourself a nice, icy glass of water.

De-stressing advice 5 | put your hand up

This is not a strategy I use regularly enough but it need to be mentioned all the same. PUT YOUR HAND UP! Declare to your work that you are feeling the pressure/are stressed as all hell/need an hour with hearing the words “hey [insert name].” People are understanding and nothing is worth locking yourself in a toilet cubicle to cry #Preach

That is it from me folks. I am going to go turn on my lavender infuser and pick up my book because #SelfCare.

Thanks so much for reading. Remember don’t worry, be happy,
Carly xx

What strategies do you use to de-stress? Please help a girl out and share them with me over on my Instagram @thechroniclesofcarly. And did these strategies help you? I want to know!

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