Christmas With A Cause: Buying Presents That Make A Difference

Christmas With A Cause: Buying Presents That Make A Difference | The Chronicles of Carly

Christmas With A Cause: Buying Presents That Make A Difference

Prepare your wallets, it is that time of year again. Christmas-present-shopping-time, the part of Christmas everyone unanimously hates.

The crowded shopping centres, the panic of what to get who and the expense of it all. Imagine if you could feel good about the purchases you are making? What if the gift you bought for your mum could also gift many other people at the same time? What if we all set the intention to support causes this Christmas?

I think that if we, as Australians, are spending $25+ billion on Christmas presents a year than we should be dedicating, at the very least, a portion of that towards social enterprises.

Here are some gift ideas to help you and your family have a Christmas with a cause:

Trendy Socks – Conscious Step

Bonds eat your heart out. Conscious Step makes the most trendy, patterned socks. You know the funky kind that you see popping out the bottom of a hipster’s suit pant? Yep, those ones!

“Ordinary purchases, extraordinary purpose.” – Conscious Step

Every pair of socks from Conscious Step are matched to key issues in the fight against poverty.

Coffee (and tea) lovers – Keep Cup

We all know what these guys sell #WarOnWaste. KeepCup‘s goal is to remove disposable coffee cups from circulation and educate people about the large-scale effects that single-use-packaging has through their Reuse HQ. If your friend is still cupping her morning coffee in disposable products would you politely whack them and then get them a KeepCup?

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All of the accessory jewellery (and basic tees) – Half United

I didn’t even know Half United existed until I started this blog article but their stuff is seriously cute! Their business is built around “fashion that feeds” and for every product you buy, 7 meals are provided to a child in need. Amazing!

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All of the shoes – Toms

Toms ‘one for one’ campaign is so beautiful. It is so crazy how we think shoes are just a given, whereas other people may have never had a pair in their lives. Many injuries, diseases and life-threatening infections could be avoided, minimised or maintained with shoes.

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Alcohol please – The Good Beer Co.

The Good Beer Co. struck popularity with their Great Barrier Beer with all funds going to the preservation of the Great Barrier Reef. Well, now they are taking on marriage equality with their Love2 beer. And who wouldn’t love a six-pack under the Christmas tree?

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For that seriously broke, practical friend

When it comes to my birthday and Christmas my mum always asks me what I want and I come up with something boringly practical like a vacuum cleaner, towels, microwave, bed sheets, underwear, socks…. the list could go on. But the truth is for people living out of home with a stretched budget, we NEED this stuff. So while these may sound like weird gift ideas, some people would freaking love this stuff (me included):

What do you get for someone that has everything?

Ahhh the age old question, what do you get for someone that has everything? This is the perfect opportunity to gift them with the ultimate ‘Christmas with a cause’ gift. Think of something they are particularly passionate about, find a charity that shares those same passions and donate the money you would typically spend on them to that charity. Imagine that person opening their Christmas card to discover they had rehabilitated a koala or sent a young girl to school for a year? What a heartwarming way to start Christmas day.

“Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote of what kind of world you want.” – Anna Lappe

This Christmas, cast your vote intentionally.

Thank you so so much for reading,
Carly xx

Disclaimer: I am not saying do this for every Christmas present and to be completely honest I probably won’t be. BUT I am making a promise right here, right now to do it for as many presents as I can.