Book Snapshot: The Unauthorised Guide To Doing Business The Jamie Oliver Way by Trevor Clawson

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Book Snapshot: The Unauthorised Guide To Doing Business The Jamie Oliver Way by Trevor Clawson

Jamie Oliver; the man, the myth, the brand. Whether you love him, hate him or have never watched his shows - you can’t say you have never heard of him. The ‘Jamie Oliver’ brand has always interested me because well… if you can make yourself a worldwide household-name you are probably doing something right. This led me to read The Unauthorised Guide To Doing Business The Jamie Oliver Way by Trevor Clawson

In a snapshot…

Book? The Unauthorised Guide To Doing Business The Jamie Oliver Way
Author? Trevor Clawson
Premise? An in-depth look at Jamie Oliver ‘the man’ and ‘the brand’ and extracting the 10 secrets of the irrepressible one-man brand.
Should I buy or borrow? Borrow.

My general key takeaways from the book

The Post-It notes are at it again, saving my key takeaways just for you. So without further ado, here we go…

Education always plays a role in success

Whether formal or informal, no one can deny the power of education, not even Jamie Oliver. “He knew the value of training.” – pg. 73

Diversify yourself and never put all of your eggs into one basket

No matter how much ‘success’ you experience, if you put all your eggs in one basket you could fall back down to the bottom pretty dang fast. As the book says, “any business that is overly reliant on one or two major customers face disaster.” – pg. 182

And by the same token, be sure to diversify your marketing and communication. By using multiple channels, product lines and points of contact to reach his target audience, Jamie Oliver was able to expand his audience size and demographic as well as future-proof his businesses. – pg. 74

Childhood experiences (and fostering work-ethic early on) matters

I have a confession; I don’t love Jamie Oliver, I don’t hate him, I have just never been drawn to watch his stuff but now that I know about his childhood I think he is a million times cooler. Growing up, watching your parent(s) work their ASS off is super powerful as it instills that same work ethic into you.

Jamie’s “mother and father were self-sufficient small business people… If they failed there was no one else to blame. They sank or swan on the basis of their own talents. Hard work was the order of the day.” – pg. 11

You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with

The League of Extraordinary Women run these events called ‘Find Your Five’ which I think is super cool (but have never attended because networking is scary). The idea is you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Jamie Oliver clearly identified this and “he surrounded himself with talented and equally hard-working people.” – pg. 18

Jamie Oliver also carried this philosophy when recruiting… “Oliver’s approach to recruitment mirrors his own work ethic and commitment. He likes to surround himself with talented and inspiring people who do a good job and who are comfortable trying fresh ideas and pursuing new ventures.” – pg. 148

Be unapologetically hard-working and persistent

This is something women struggle with far more than men (fellow-apologising-ladies read this article by Business Chicks) but Jamie Oliver’s ‘success’ comes from the fact that “as a businessman, he is ambitious, hardworking and prepared to take risks to get what he wants.” – pg. 18

Reach out to the people who came before you for mentorship

Mentorship is so so SO valuable and Jamie Oliver knew that. Before entering the US television game, Jamie called Simon Cowell who had also started in the UK and jumped across to US screens. “Aware that he is walking the same road, Oliver admitted to calling Cowell to ask for advice.” – pg. 140

Be authentically you

This is 100% common sense but I feel like it needs to be said regardless… “Adopt a persona that isn’t you and the chances are it won’t be long before the rest of the world sees through it.” – pg. 31

Failure to take action due to fear of failure is FAILURE

Sam from the Smart Twenties says “we often forget to consider the best and worst case scenario that will come from inaction,” and it is so true! And as the book said “if we don’t strive, we don’t suffer the stigma of failure. But then we don’t succeed either.” – pg. 179

“If you take risks, you may still fail; but if you do not take risks, you will surely fail. The greatest risk of all is to do nothing.” – Roberto Goizueta (former chairman of Coca-Cola)

Sorry to bombard you with all the failure quotes but I really just wanted to drive the point home.

Trust your instincts and lean into what they are telling you

I am not saying to go make irrational decisions based on ‘gut feel’ but if your instincts are telling you something the least you owe them is to listen. “Oliver has an instinctive ability to identify the course of action that is right for him and his career at any one time, and the business acumen to pursue that action to a successful conclusion.” – pg. 18

There we have it, folks, the key things I took away from The Unauthorised Guide To Doing Business The Jamie Oliver Way by Trevor Clawson. I hope you enjoyed this quick snapshot as much as I enjoyed reading this book. If you want me to do a Book Snapshot of a particular book, message me on one of my socials!

Thank you so much for reading,
Carly xx

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