7 Lifestyle Blog Articles That You Need To Read This Weekend

7 Lifestyle Blog Articles That You Need To Read This Weekend | Life | The Chronicles of Carly

7 Lifestyle Blog Articles That You Need To Read This Weekend

The internet is flooded with content and us bloggers are partially to blame. Cutting through the crap and finding real, down to earth humans writing about real, down to earth subjects can be hard to come by.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a perfectly curated outfit as much as the next gal, but there is a limit to how much content I can read on that topic.

Note: I will make sure to link all the blog titles to make it super easy for you. Just click and read or just save this article to your reading list so they are all stored in one easy-to-access location.

Without further ado, here are my top 7 lifestyle blog articles you need to read this weekend:

7 | 5 Steps To Managing Your Finances Like An Adult by Advice From A Twenty Something

This is an absolute banger of a money-article for anyone getting started. Finances are a tricky business and I love how Amanda just strips it back to basics. If you are a money-master, this isn’t for you but if you are struggling to find your feet you will seriously benefit from this bad boy.

Visit the Advice From A Twenty Something website www.advicefromatwentysomething.com or check her out on Instagram @AdviceFromA20Something

Side rant: is anyone as mad as me that Australian schools do not teach about everyday finances. Sure, trigonometry is cool but that isn’t helping me file my tax return.

6 | 13 Things I Wish I’d Done Differently At 22 by Chelsea Fagan

As a 22-year-old, I feel like I have been given a cheat sheet to life. Rather than reading this article in my 60s and looking back saying “if only I knew…” I can put this shit into action now! This article is full of important reminders, that can serve anyone at any age, to take the internal pressure off ourselves, to not be afraid to say ‘no’ and to not put all your eggs in one basket because the nature of life is that some shit is going to fall apart (and that it is okay).

Chelsea is one of the founders of The Financial Diet. Visit their website www.thefinancialdiet.com or check them out on Instagram @thefinancialdiet

5 | Questions To Ask Before Purchasing by The Minimalists

If you are seriously tough for time, then this is the blog for you. This pithy-blog is a mere 49 words. Yes, 4-9- words. I counted myself. And in just 49 words The Minimalists can help you conquer your mindless spending habit. Your bank account, cluttered home, and general wellbeing will be in far better shape after reading these 49 words.

Confession. I fell in love with The Minimalists after watching their Netflix documentary and was devastated on a deep level that I didn’t have the spare cash to go to their Brisbane event. You can check out their magic via their website www.theminimalists.com or jump over to their Instagram pages @theminimalists, @joshuafieldsmillburn @ryannicodemus

4 | R U OK? by MadMaxMum (aka. Lauren Kate)

Full disclosure: I don’t spend a lot of time on Lauren’s blog because she mainly targets mums and I am happy to announce I am not there yet. But this particular article struck a chord with me and I have continued to reread it whenever I feel I need it. While Lauren wrote this article specifically to mums living with Postnatal Depression, I think her tips for emerging from a dark place are universal. I have always admired her for being so open, raw and honest about her mental health struggles and while Lauren and I have never discussed our individual journey’s with one another I feel like I have an ally in my personal battle against mental illness. Plus, if she can live with the fun ebbs and flows of mental health while raising two young children it definitely gives me the ‘there is always someone doing it harder’ perspective.

Visit her website www.madmaxmum.com or check her out on Instagram @__laurenkate

3 | On The Bookshelf: Non Fiction by Jasmine Dowling

Jasmine Dowling is an absolute inspiration for us 20-something Brisbane chicks out there, having created an entire business around her personal brand and leaving graphic designers (and general humans) in awe of her incredible creations. Safe to say, whatever that girl is putting out into the world, I want some of it. She recently shared what books she is loving and I highly recommend picking up a book or two (or eleven) from this list to get inspired. And don’t worry non-creative humans like me, the majority of her book suggestions are well suited to us!

Visit her website www.jasminedowling.com or go to her (freaking beautiful) Instagram @JasmineDowling

2 | How to speak more powerfully at work by Margie Warrell on Business Chicks

Ladies, seriously… READ THIS NOW! I am so freaking guilty of saying “sorry” a thousand times a day and second-guessing my own decisions. Sadly, this is a disease primarily contracted by women-folk. But why? Why do we feel like we must shrink ourselves and apologise? If you are anything like me, this article is definitely going to help you reassess your nonsensical habit and plot your course for work-domination.

Visit Margie Warrell’s website www.margiewarrell.com or check her out on Instagram @MargieWarrell

Be sure to also visit www.businesschicks.com and follow their Instagram @BusinessChicks for some major, kickass inspiration.

1 | A Beginner’s Guide To Personal Development by Smart Twenties

I have saved the biggy for last. This article is the holy grail of personal development blogs and as a blogger, I take my hat off to Sam. The amount of content created in and around this guide to personal development is insane! We are talking about countless hours of work but her hard work has paid off. If you are feeling a little uneasy about the whole ‘personal development’ task or want a support network – this. Is. the. place. for. you! Do yourself a massive favour and jump head first into this article as soon as you can. No excuses.

I like to think we are friends here, so I am going to let you in on a little secret….are you ready? I have a massive girl crush on Sam. She is all the things you could want in a girl crush – driven, beautiful, intelligent, inspiring, motivating but the main thing that I love about her is her relatability. She is just a twenty-something-year-old-gal trying to conquer life and is trying to help as many other women as she can along the way. What a woman!

Make sure you give her a follow on the Instagrams @SmartTwenties and check out her website (www.smart-twenties.com) which is choc-a-bloc with great stuff.

Happy reading,
Carly xx

Ps. I spend 40+ hours a week on a computer for work, then a good 5 hours doing some form of content or marketing for All About Me B&B (Mum’s bed and breakfast) and then trying to summon energy and willpower to jump back on my dying Macbook to work on The Chronicles of Carly. Safe to say, I am not spending any more extra time on my laptop unless the content I am reading is seriously good sh*t. So hand on my heart, these blogs are worth your time.