5 things I don’t make time for … but REALLY should

5 things I don’t make time for … but REALLY should | Go-Getting Women | The Chronicles of Carly

5 things I don’t make time for … but REALLY should

I am a big believer in the old adage “you can have everything, just not all at the same time” and I also believe that work life balance is not always possible or suitable.

In saying that, I know that this train of thought, while being a strength of mine, also makes me susceptible to some pretty unhealthy decisions. I prioritise progressions, goals and to do lists over health, well-being and happiness which, pretty ironically, impacts my ability to perform to my best

And I am not the only one.

Go-getting woman worldwide are prioritising ‘success’ and busy-ness above all else. That is causing us to ditch some pretty beneficial things.

Our lists will look different but for me, my list of things I don’t make time for (although I really should for my greater good), looks a little something like this….


If I just listened to my psychologist’s advice and started journaling, I wouldn’t need a psychologist. Joking.. Kinda. But you get the point.

Every bloody time I sit on the couch, one of the first questions to leave my psychologist’s mouth is “how is journaling going?’ I am yet to answer with anything that doesn’t resemble a guilty smirk or a piss poor excuse.

Journaling is one of those things that I know will be MAGNIFICENT for me. Truly. I have even gone so far as to buy myself a special book that is sitting on my bedside table. But every morning when I wake up, it is straight to emails, social media and the kettle (#InstantCoffee).

And then at nighttime, it is rare that I get home or have my laptop closed before 8pm and by then I am genuinely spent. I have this (very very very flawed) concept that every waking hour should be spent productively and moving full steam ahead towards something. The idea of keeping my glasses on any longer or having to be cognitively aware after a full on day is just exhausting. I want to lay in bed and glaze over as Friends reruns plays in the background.

But journaling would be so beneficial for me. It would help my stress levels, allow me to download my brain and reduce some of the mental load I experience. I have had two separate psychologists tell me it should be a non-negotiable and still, I haven’t started this practice!

It defies logic and yet here I am.. not making time for journaling.

Professional Development / Teaching Myself New Things

I am a person that gets energised when I learn new things. I get an absolute buzz of energy and excited about applying the new things I learned. And yet, this is something that has definitely fallen by the wayside as my life has gotten more and more chaotic.

Which is crazy.

The busier life gets, shouldn’t I be actively seeking out things that energise me? I wouldn’t quit coffee the more tired I got.

It defies logic and yet here I am… learning new things.

Side note: I literally just stopped proofing my blog right here and booked myself in for a ‘Figure Your Life Out Masterclass!’ – thank you Sam Laura Brown AND an entrepreneurship bundle including 31 x classes created by biz woman I love and follow. Signing up is the hardest part because it forces you to make a commitment.


Exercise. The devil’s idea of fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love the IDEA of exercise. I love the feels AFTER I exercise. But I am definitely the type of person that needs to trick my brain into physical activity. I think that is why I love gardening or hiking. It gets me outside, it uses a different part of my mind anndddd I get some exercise.

In saying that, I can’t garden or hike everyday but my body needs exercise everyday. Intellectually I know that I am better off when I exercise; I sleep better, I feel more calm and in control, my belly isn’t all stages of bloated and it is significantly better for my mental health if I maintain a steady exercise routine. And yet… once again, the moment I get busy, this is the first thing to go.

It defies logic and yet here I am.. not making time for exercise.


As someone that a) doesn’t enjoy living in a city, b) recharges from being in nature and c) really needs to exercise more – hiking just make sense!

But with Brandon overseas, hiking had become an ‘effort’ to organise and therefore has taken a nosedive off the cliff.

It defies logic and yet here I am.. not making time for hiking.

Trying new things

Control Freak Carly likes her comfort zone. What a surprise!

It sounds silly but I feel like my job pulls me out of comfort zone on the daily so on the weekends or at night, my brain just wants to retreat the known.

But I love the concept of trying new things. And I love how I feel when I try new things.

I am taking small steps, like reading a fictional book I would never usually read. Imagine how happy and recharged I would be if I went to a random painting class. Or took surfing lessons one weekend. Why do I not prioritise trying new things when I know the payoffs?

It defies logic and yet here I am.. not making time to try new things.

What is something you don’t make time for even though you know you should?

I would love to know! Send me a message below or over on my Instagram @thechroniclesofcarly

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