20 Things You Might Not Know About Me!

20 Things You Might Not Know About Me! | Life | The Chronicles of Carly

20 Things You Might Not Know About Me!

I have had a full on couple of months and I imagine I am not alone. So this week I thought I would ditch the serious stuff, pour myself a glass of wine and share 20 facts about me that many probably don’t know. Are you scared? I am!

Disclaimer: I was going to do ‘20 Things No One Knows About Me’ but my mum, my best friends and my boyfriend read this - and if you combine the four of them they know a heck of a lot.

Okay, so let’s begin. No fancy or long winded intros required.

Here are 20 things that you might not know about me:

When I was a kid I was OBSESSED with being a vet.
With a toiletry bag as my ‘vet bag’ and all.

I used to be allergic to mosquitoes.
Once my foot swelled up so much I couldn’t put a thong (flip flop for you Americans) on my foot.

My surname is Shearman and my father owned a sheep station.
Where he literally sheared sheep. He was a man that sheared. Shearman. #Classic

I have always thought I will be a mum of three boys.
Although, now that I am dating Brandon and heard the stories from him (and his mum) about the three brothers growing up… I am now reconsidering my original thought 😂 Boys can be savage.
I also really cherish the mother/daughter relationship I have with my mum, so maybe I do want a girl? Anyway, this is a thought for far down the road plus it is up to the universe, not me.

I know every word to Toby Keith’s ‘Red White and Blue’
If you don’t know what I am talking about, watch this. It is pure magic 😂 I am a total hillbilly / bogan at heart.

My brother and I had a pony called Gus growing up (he lived at my Grandmas). And if I could, I would have a horse today.
Unfortunately, my one bedroom apartment isn’t quite suitable agistment.

Me and Gus, the pony | 20 Things You Might Not Know About Me! | Life | The Chronicles of Carly
This is Baby Carly with her Akubra and Gus!

While we are on the subject of horses, I HATE living in a city and want to move to a property.
I think 20 acres is the perfect amount. And my dream location? Tintenbar. I literally will look at properties there at least once a month.

I used to HATE coffee.
I forced myself to drink it because that is what ‘adults’ did. Now I cannot live without it and to be frank (and without sounding like a wanker), I feel like coffee is strongly tied to my identity. If you ask people in my life to list five things about me, coffee will come up.

I cannot cook to save myself.
And as sad as it is, I don’t even want to teach myself because I find zero enjoyment.

I wanted to quit university several times.
The only person who could talk me off the ledge was my Nanny. God, I miss that lady.

How I chose my degree was entirely random.
I took a quiz that assessed my personality and it told me I would like ‘Media and Communication’ - I then researched the future of social media and I was on my way.
I do want to note that Myspace still existed at the time, and Instagram was new. It was a different time folks and wanting to study a degree that included social media was a bizarre concept to a lot of people.

I am super self-conscious about my ears.
And they are probably the only thing I will have plastic surgery on when I can afford it (yes, I am being serious. I hate them that much). I make Stephen Colbert’s ears look like TWINS.

I have TERRIBLE recall skills
If you asked me to repeat the conversation we just had, I couldn’t. My brain is always elsewhere and it drives my partner INSANE.

I do not remember a time in my life where I imagined my dream wedding day…
… like little girls are ‘meant to’. But I have planned my funeral out.

Speaking of funerals, my biggest fear is that no one will attend my funeral.
Well that and heights. But the empty funeral thing is a legitimate fear that I have had since early high school.

If I died tomorrow by biggest regret would be…
… that I am not a mum. That is the one thing I am 100% sure I am ‘meant to be’.

My hands are ALWAYS clammy
Like sweaty and gross. No matter the temperature.

I am currently going through an ultra-marathon obsession.
I think it is because I have always wanted to complete an ultra-hike. My dream is to complete the Pacific Coast Trail in the US (approx. 4,250km or 2,650 miles) but Australia’s Hume and Hovell Track in NSW (426km or 265 miles) or the Larapinta Trail in NT (223km or 138 miles) feel like more achievable options + the added benefit of walking in a familiar climate. Now I just have to find a crazy person that wants to do the same thing so we can work towards it together.

The only bones I have broken are my two pinky toes (if they count)
Now neither pinky toes can touch the ground. They kind of just point on a weird angle?

I like chocolate BUT...
...I hate chocolate flavoured things. Chocolate milk, gross. Chocolate cake, vomit. Chocolate pancakes, just kill me now. If I am going to have chocolate, I am going to have the real thing.

I think that is it! I hope you enjoyed this article, it was a little different from the usual stuff.

Thank you so so much for reading, your support really does mean the world.

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