The 14 best blogs for go-getting women

The 14 best blogs for go-getting women | Go-Getting Women | The Chronicles of Carly

The 14 best blogs for go-getting women

Chances are, if you found your way onto my blog, you are a go-getting woman. And do you know what every go-getting woman needs? A community of fellow go-getters. I have compiled a list of my favourite blogs plus some of my favourite articles.

So pour yourself a cup of tea (or, let’s be real… a glass of wine), settle into your couch and prepare to learn about some pretty magical blogs.

Blog #1 | Life Goals Mag

Focused on the millennial woman, Life Goals Mag is an online publication providing content to help you live your best life – whether that it to achieve more, see more, learn more or be more. Life Goals Mag includes content from incredible women all over the world.

Blog posts I love…

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Blog #2 | Advice From A Twenty Something

Founded by Amanda, Advice From A Twenty Something has 20-something bloggers from around the globe contributing. As you could probably guess, this blog is dedicated to women in their 20s and all the navigating that required.

Blog posts I love…

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Blog #3 | Advice From A Thirty Something

Obviously Advice From A Twenty Something’s founder couldn’t stay in her twenties forever. Introducing her latest project, Advice From A Thirty Something. If you are in your 20s, don’t let the name put you off. As a 23-year-old, I love the content and it still follows the similar themes as Advice From A Twenty Something.

Currently my favourite posts are:

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Blog #4 | The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet used to be exclusively about finance (shocker, right?) but now it covers so much more. From career, to food recipes, to relationships and everything in between, TFD has you covered. And they are still making money-talk fun and ‘in fashion’ which I LOVE!

I have been a long time fan of The Financial Diet. Well before I started The Chronicles of Carly I would tune into their Youtube channel and listen to Chelsea (and Lauren waaaayy back in the day) talk all things personal finance. I now actually contribute content to The Financial Diet – which is still a pinch-me moment.

Great finance articles to start with…

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Blog #5 | Career Girl Daily

Career Girl Daily had 4 million views in their FIRST year and have gone onto create a profitable little business for themselves. Founded by two young, savvy and focused women you can rest assured that this blog is for go-getting women like you and me.

Head straight to their career or wellness sections for the good stuff. Lately, I find some of their lifestyle content to be a little too promotional or fluffy but that could just be because that’s not the type of content I am looking for.

Blog posts I love…

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Blog #6 | Simply & Fiercely

Simply & Fiercely is all about simple and intentional living. I always love visiting this blog when I am feeling a little too chaotic and frantic. Jennifer’s content reminds me to slow down, take a breath and make intentional moves. Even the website’s colour palette is calming!

Blog posts I love…

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Blog #7 | Business Chicks

Hang out with me for an hour and I will undoubtedly mention Business Chicks. I am their best unpaid ambassador they never asked for. Business Chicks started as a women’s networking event business but has now transformed into something much much bigger. They are “about helping all women to play a bigger game.” And if you live in Australia or the United States, you can even go to their events. They know how to put on a good party!

Their Global CEO also recently wrote her first book. Read more about Emma Isaac’s book Winging It.

Blog posts I love…

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Blog #8 | Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher. An absolute force to be reckoned with. A self-made millionaire who writes the most relatable content. Literally, when I read her content I feel as though I am catching up with a girlfriend. I don’t know how she does it but it is magical. Her content is very entrepreneurial and blogger based but there a nuggets of gold in there on more general topics like productivity, finance and personal development. Jenna also has her podcast Goal Digger which I HIGHLY recommend you listen to.

Blog posts I love…

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Blog #9 | The Everygirl

I was going to write a blurb about The Everygirl but then I read this…

“Whether she is searching for her dream job or a new city to call home;
is saving for a down payment or a ticket to travel the world; is learning to cook or speak another language, she needs a bit of guidance, she wants to be inspired.
She is The Everygirl. This is for her.

If that isn’t the most beautiful ‘About’ section you have ever read, I don’t know what is.

Right now my absolute favourite post is…

Other great blog posts to read…

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Blog #10 | KaitlynIsabel

Kaitlyn is actually someone I have become friends with through this blogging world and I truly feel like we align with eachother so well. Kaitlyn has experienced her own hardships, she is very goal-focused and has a crazy work ethic and she has prioritised her 20s to hustling. Kaitlyn is a serious go-getter girl and the content on her blog is proof of that!

Blog posts I love…

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Blog #11 | Sam Laura Brown (formerly SmartTwenties)

I have been following Sam Laura Brown before I knew her name and just called her the ‘SmartTwenties chick’. Sam’s blog focuses primarily on personal growth and development and more specifically, perfectionism. While I would definitely not call myself a perfectionist, I am more a “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good/done” kinda gal, I find her content super helpful and relatable. Plus, gotta support the homegrown Brisbane talent!

Blog posts I love…

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Blog #12 | Notes From Joana

More recently I discovered Notes From Joana. The blog is focused on practicing gratitude and vulnerability. Joana opens her soul and shares it with her readers and it is beautiful. This blog is a very human experience and let’s you feel like you aren’t alone.

Blog posts I love…

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Blog #13 | The Cool Career

Confession, I discovered this blog AFTER writing this article but I love it so much I simply had to include it. If you are someone that wants to be encourage to follow your dreams, make kick ass decisions and leave a positive impact on the world around you then you will probably love The Cool Career.

I genuinely could not pick 1-3 articles to share with you, every interview is incredible in its own right and every story I read inspired me in a different way. Go check the blog out for yourself >>>

They also run career-workshops for high school girls which I freaking love. Seriously, this is one cool company.

Blog #14 | The Chronicles of Carly (of course!)

I couldn’t write a list of the best blogs for go-getting women and not include myself! That would just be crazy talk.

If you are new to this blog, welcome. My blog promises to share my experiences as a go-getting gal with the other go-getters out there (which I try to deliver on). I also have a section of the blog literally dedicated to go-getting women where I interview go-getting gals from all different backgrounds and with all different stories to share.

My personal favourites are:

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Do you love a blog that I haven’t mentioned? Maybe you have read an article that really stood out to you. Share it with me over on my Instagram. I would love to read it!

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And as always, thank you so so much for reading,
Carly xx