Go-Getting Gal: Stand-Up Comedian, Alex Ward

Go-Getting Gals
Go-Getting Gal: Stand-Up Comedian, Alex Ward | The Chronicles of Carly | No Flirting showing at Brisbane Comedy Festival

Go-Getting Gal: Stand-Up Comedian, Alex Ward

It should come as no secret that I am a MASSIVE fan of any go-getting gal killing it in their field. But anyone originally from Brisbane holds a special place in my heart. That is precisely why I was so excited to be invited to Alex Ward’s No Flirting show as part of Brisbane Comedy Festival.

Can I confess something? I have never been to a comedy show before. Musicals? Done! Plays? Absolutely! Concerts? On the rare occasion. But stand-up comedy? NEVER!

Walking into the Brisbane City Hall, filling with Brisbane Comedy Festival crowds, I had little idea what to expect from the night or from Alex Ward’s show. Sure, I had seen her skits online but in the flesh? That would be a different experience.

I am SO glad Alex was the one to pop my stand-up comedy cherry! Hilariously funny and self-satirizing, Alex’s latest show No Flirting had me smiling from ear to ear, with a frequent belly giggle or full-blown laugh.

Who is Alex Ward?

One look at Alex’s resume and you will be impressed (I know I was). Originally from Brisbane, Alex has flown the coop to our ‘hip, cool, older sister’ Melbourne.

Over the past 5 years, Alex has been performing stand and in that short time has achieved a creditworthy amount.

In 2018 alone Alex appeared on ABC Up Late Comedy, Tonightly with Tom Ballard, Triple J’s Good Az Friday and The Project (as her character Pam). Alex is also a comedy writer for Network Ten’s ‘The Project’.

Check out her ABC Up Late Comedy skit below:

Tell me more about Alex’s latest show, No Flirting

I personally LOVED this show. Alex identifies herself as someone that is pretty practical in life but finds themself completely irrational in a relationship. I couldn’t explain myself much better if I tried *laughing/crying on the inside*.

From overanalysing the meaning of emojis, to catching herself feeling completely insane securities; Alex is all of us (but funnier).

“Have you ever had a partner ask you any of these questions: ‘Why were you looking through my messages? Why don’t you trust me? Why did you make the background of my phone a picture of a dog wearing a bib?” Then the show is definitely for you! If you haven’t, then whatever, good for you, still come to the show!

Alex Ward’s No Flirting is in Brisbane until March 24.

Buy tickets here!

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And of course, follow Alex Ward on Instagram @wardyaknow

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