A Day In The Life of Lisa Mary Anderson: the ambitious brains behind Edits By Elle

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A Day In The Life of Lisa Mary Anderson: the ambitious brains behind Edits By Elle | The Chronicles of Carly

A Day In The Life of Lisa Mary Anderson: the ambitious brains behind Edits By Elle

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please give the beautiful, the enlightening, the unstoppable Lisa Mary Anderson back to the blog! * applause *

I have had Lisa in the hot seat before to learn how she self-funded university upfront as a non-Aussie while stick ticking off some other badass financial goals (you can read it here). This time I wanted you guys to get to know her, because let’s be real, she is pretty amazing.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, here is a quick feel for the woman behind Edits By Elle:

Q: What is your favourite song right now?

A: Cutting Ties by 6lack but I really struggle to have one favourite. This would just be the song I am thrashing at the moment.

I am a real RnB and Hip Hop head.

Q: What is your main goal right now?

A: Actually saving again to go for another trip. I am wanting to get myself to Europe this year, and lounge on the beaches of Santorini!

Lisa’s Pro Travelling Tip: Steer clear from a Shanghai stopover. That one is a hilarious/terrifying story. You are welcome to ask her what happened over on her Instagram @lisamaryanderson

Q: What quote do you try live by?

A: I have a screensaver app called Momentum that shows me new quotes everyday which I love. But one that always comes back to mind is one that my mum used to say since I was a kid “everything will be okay in the end and if it’s not okay then it is not the end.” That one has always stuck with them through my life.

Q: Are you listening to any podcast right now? What’s your favourite?

A; I am actually listening to couple of different ones; Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, Confessions of a Twenty Something Trainwreck, and I have just started the audiobook, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson. I do like to shake up the podcasts so I am not always listening to the same thing but I always listen to one book at a time.

Q: And finally, kiss/marry/kill – Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Johnny Depp?

A: Kiss: Chris Hemsworth | Marry: Ryan Reynolds | Kill: Johnny Depp

Okay time for the nitty gritty…

Q: Let’s, start with the classic? What does a ‘typical weekday’ look like for you?

A: Each day starts between 4.45-5.00am and I am at the gym by 5.30am, and this is my ‘me time’. It sounds really strange but when I am able to physically exert myself I am not having to think which is a really nice change. It allows me to switch off and tune out.

I always eat a good breakfast, generally of eggs and mushrooms with spinach and avo, and have some Kombucha with it. Starting my day this way helps me to set myself up mentally for a good day because it’s started well.

I work fulltime as a Marketing Manager across multiple brands so I am here by 9.00am everyday but the day is never quite the same, which I like but is challenging. I try to make sure that I am doing something creative everyday with my blog/social media, Edits By Elle, because that’s what makes me happy.

I also have taken to a lot of personal development recently through podcasts and audiobooks. It helps me to passively learn and challenge the way I think and I LOVE that.

I wind down my day by going for a walk along the river, creating content, spending way too much time on Instagram, and being inside the Newstead Bubble, usually seeing friends.

Q: What do you get up to on the weekend?

A: Generally, on a Saturday, which is my absolute favourite day, I head to the gym and then go to the markets. I find it quite cathartic. I like going down to the markets, being around everybody and there are so many dogs! It is my element.

At the moment, I am enjoying really chill weekends. If I do anything it might be like a chill dinner out or ordering takeaway. Just about spending time with people.

I have also been really loving getting to the beach and getting out of Brisbane which has been really nice. Getting close to water is my thing at the moment. Especially, coming from the beach and growing up at one of the best beaches in the world, going to the beach feels like I am going home.

Q: Is routine an important factor for you?

A: Massively! So I find it actually quite difficult when I am not in a routine. I find I work well when all of my ducks are in a row sort of thing. It is so nice, you know, getting up, knowing you have food prepped, going to work, going to the gym. Having that structure around my day just feels like it flows a lot more easily.

I find change, and change to my routine, really throws me off. Routine is a really huge thing for me and I find that I even create routine when I am out of routine without realising it.

Q: What are non-negotiables for you? What must you do every day or week?

A: Go to the gym is an absolutely non-negotiable for me. Some people think about it as like ‘oh well I don’t have time’. But for me, I have to make time because it’s so important for me mentally.. That is when I get my ‘me time’ and I leave feeling like I have not only worked on myself physically, but mentally by being there. I can get into a bit of an unhealthy habit where if I literally can’t get to the gym I feel a bit a guilty. But that is my non-negotiable.

Q: Who do you look up to / who motivates you everyday?

A: I think it changes all the time. Particularly with social media you are exposed to all these different amazing people that are constantly striving forward and moving and reaching towards their goals. So for me, it is constantly changing.

That is one of the pitfalls of Instagram I guess but it is also such a great thing, in the fact that you are exposed to so many inspiring, motivating people. But it is all about the way you perceive it. So if you use it as motivation then great. But if you are comparing your life to theirs, which we are all guilty of, and getting in that ‘they are so much better than me’ mindset than it is heading down a really dark road. It is all about finding that balance.

Q: What inspired you to start Edits By Elle?

A: For me, it originally just started as an online platform. I was doing a lot of content writing and journalism essentially. So I needed to create an online resume to send people to and show my work. It started getting traction and building from there. It developed into my own brand essentially and my own platform.

I always had this dream of working for ELLE Magazine. That was always my dream. That was what I wanted to do. That kind of stuff. But it got to the point where I was like ‘why don’t I do my own thing?’, ‘why don’t I run my own company?’ It kind of started and morphed from there and kind of developed into a way to help people.

So for me, particularly when I was going through a lot of anxiety and depression, it sounds really fickle but I was able to use fashion to make myself feel better. You put on an outfit that you feel really good in it and it’s almost like a ‘fake it until you make it’ situation. You start boosting your confidence that way and feel more empowered, just by knowing, “I look good today.” And I thought, well if I can do that than other people can do it too. So that became my way of sharing and helping woman just like me.

Q: How do you balance all of your plates? (i.e. Edits By Elle, working full time, fitness/workouts, friends, modeling, traveling)

A: Honestly, at the moment I am still figuring it all out. I have had a bit of a whirlwind 2017 that really knocked me back and forced me to look really hard at what I was doing, how I was living and where my priorities were. I have never been the type of person that does something half assed, but that means that I give too much of myself to others and can often leave nothing left for me. I completely burnt myself out last year, and I have forced myself to change.

I am currently in the process of learning when to put my phone down, when to say ‘okay I am not answering anymore emails until tomorrow morning’ and enforcing those type of boundaries for myself. I am also trying to be really conscious of making time for myself and by that I mean being completely by myself. I just need more of the good. Why would anyone want to add more of the stuff that doesn’t make them feel good?

I was having lunch with my soul sister Marika Day a while ago and she was telling me how this yogi friend of hers was asking “what do you do that is just for you, that you do purely out of enjoyment and not for anything else?” and she couldn’t answer it, she didn’t know. And when she asked me, neither could I. Like why don’t I do more of those things purely for enjoyment? Why am I so stuck in this habit of being responsible and doing “the right thing” my whole life when maybe that’s not what I actually WANT to do? I am trying to change that.

Side note: Marika Day is the babe behind Fit Food and Soul. She now has MarikaDay.com and works for Base Body Babes – make sure you give her a follow @marikaday

Q: What are some major goals you want to tick off?

A: For me, it is financial so I can do more travel and explore. I want to start my own business eventually, and I want to make sure that above all else, I am truly happy.

Q: Do you have any final words of wisdom to dish out?

A: Gratitude is the key to happiness. We always compare our lives to those around us and complain about the things we don’t have, but how can we truly appreciate what we get if we can’t see the good on what we have already got?

Grinding and aspiring to endless late nights lack of sleep, and being so caught up in work that you have no personal life is something we show admiration for and we really shouldn’t. I admit it, I used to admire it, this is what I always thought I would do so that I could be successful, but it makes you miserable. That’s not true happiness. There is more to life that your bank account or reputation.

And lastly, to always be kind, even if people aren’t kind to you…

“It’s better to be the one that smiled than the one who didn’t smile back.”

Want more of Lisa? Make sure you give her a follow @lisamaryanderson and visit her epic blog, Edits By Elle.