12 Go Getting Gals You Really Should Follow On Instagram

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12 Go Getting Gals You Really Should Follow On Instagram | The Chronicles of Carly

12 Go Getting Gals You Really Should Follow On Instagram

In case you missed it, Business Chicks brought #9ToThrive to Brisbane this year. Can I get a ‘hell yeah’?!?!! I was like a 14-year-old girl find out Justin Bieber was coming to town. I sat anxiously waiting to gain ‘early bird access’ to purchase a ticket, picked out my outfit in anticipation and happily sat waiting for the doors to open on the day.

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It is safe to say, I was excited for the #9ToThrive expo. The two-days were jam packed with motivation, inspiration and admiration.

You may have missed the fun and excitement of the event, but I think you deserve a dosage of inspo so here are some of the go-getting gals from the #9ToThrive event that you really need to follow:

Business Chicks | @businesschicks

It is only natural that this list includes the creators of #9ToThrive. If you have been following me for a while, you will know I have an obsession with Business Chicks; I have crewed for their events, interned at their Sydney HQ and attended as many events as I can. Their bio says ‘we help women live bigger lives,’ and their content supports that. Follow them!


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Emma Isaacs | @emmaisaacs

Business Chick’s founder and global CEO, Emma Isaacs, also happens to be my absolute IDOL. Her Instagram account really is a behind the scenes look at running a global business, parenting FIVE kids and having it all in a very #WingingIt kinda way. Obsessed!


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Olivia Ruello | @oliviaruello

Emma Isaacs will always have a very special place in my heart, however, Olivia Ruello is a close second. She became General Manager for Emma’s first business at a young age and has kicked ass ever since. She is now inspiring women as the CEO of Business Chicks (Australia) and bringing her beautiful toddler-aged daughter along for the journey.


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Sally Obermeder | @sallyobermeder

Co-founder of Swiish, you will know SallyO’s face from The Daily Edition (if you watch Australian TV). She rose to fame as a TV personality, but that is not why she is on this list. She is on this list because she was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with her first daughter. She then spent 12 months of aggressive treatment, robbing her of the joy of becoming a first-time parent. That experience would break the best of us, but not SallyO. She went on to co-found Swiish by SallyO to help women feel their best inside and out. This woman is the definition of resilient and seeing her face on my feed reminds me you can achieve anything you put your mind to.


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Maha Koraiem | @maha_koraiem

Speaking of co-founders of Swissh, Maha is SallyO’s sister. It would be a disservice to both these ladies to say SallyO is the creative head of the brand and Maha is the brains; but that is the quickest way to explain it. Hearing Maha talk on stage at #9ToThrive, she is probably the person I most resonated with. For her, an idea is great but the execution is key.


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Eleanor Pendleton | @eleanorpendleton

Owner of Gritty Pretty and Australia’s fashion sweetheart, it is hard not to fall in love with Eleanor Pendleton. Her Instagram (and personality) is beautifully curated but full of substance, a very rare balance. She is real, authentic and relatable (even when she is dolled up head-to-toe shooting a Chanel commercial in France).


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Elyse Knowles | @elyse.knowles

True blue Aussie, Elyse Knowles, makes bogan seem chic AF. Her work ethic is INSANE! Her humility is truly beautiful. Her relationship with her partner (well the parts we see) demonstrates that while romance is great, nothing beats having a partner who can respect you and be your best friend. And while I love her feed, her Instagram stories is where it is at!


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Fun fact: if you go to the 4th or 5th pic you will see me and my girlfriend. I will now sign your autograph 😂

Dr. Libby | @drlibby

I have seen Dr. Libby in action 3-5 times in my life and every time I am in absolute awe. Her technical background is nutritional biochemistry BUT her look at health and nutrition is far far FAR more grounded and holistic. Her page is full of self-love content (in a non-woo-woo way) as well as tidbits on nutrition and an insight to running your own empire.


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Sarah Wilson | @_sarahwilson_

Sarah Wilson is probably most notable for her #IQuitSugar movement and books but I must confess, I have not read a single page. For me, Sarah Wilson earned a place on my bookshelf for First, We Make The Beast Beautiful (I wrote about this book and my takeaways in another article - click here). Her candidness with mental health is powerful. Sarah Wilson is also a massive advocate for reducing our waste, stripping things back to basic and going back to nature to soothe the soul. Preach!


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Em Carey | @em_carey

Em Carey has a very different story to the rest of the women on this list. Em defied logic and became ‘the girl who fell from the sky’ and a ‘walking paraplegic.’ If you aren’t familiar with Em Carey’s story I highly recommend you Google her or go deep into her Instagram. It is f***ing amazing, outstanding, incredible, death-defying and all the other words. But she very much reminds me of Turia Pitt in how she takes a life-altering and incomprehensible experience and relates it to everyday people. None of us will be able to empathise with her experience or imagine the depth of her experience (touchwood) but Em Carey makes her lessons relatable - I am struggling to explain this but I hope it makes sense to someone.


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Karina Irby | @karinairby

Oh sweet Karina. If Eleanor is the sweetheart of Australian fashion then Karina is the sweetheart of Australia bikini designers. Founder of Bikini Body Burn and Moana Bikini, Karina is a hard working chick. Rather than sitting back and enjoying her success, she has used her platform(s) to advocate for self-love, pulling back the smoke and mirrors of Instagram and promoting body acceptance.


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Jasmine Dowling | @jasminedowling

I feel it only right that I give some love to fellow Brisbaner, Jasmine Dowling. Jasmine is a hand letterer, designer and digital content creator that took her graphic design degree and created her own career. Her Instagram is BEAUTIFUL and she isn’t afraid to share the high and lows (*cough* IP theft *cough*) of freelancer / business life in the creative space.


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That’s a wrap!

Thank you so much for reading, and if you want to add another go-getting girl to your Instagram feed be sure to follow me! @thechroniclesofcarly #NotSoSubtlePlug


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