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Let's Talk About... Bone Broth | Life | The Chronicles of Carly

Let’s Talk About The Health Benefits of Bone Broth…

I have a confession, for a person that can live on beer, white chocolate, and two-minute noodles for a week at a time I have a strange obsession with healthy eating books, experts, and social accounts. With that strange obsession breeds a particular need to try something out after hearing it for months on end from countless sources. So low and behold, I invested $40 into purchasing a jar of powder. No, it wasn’t cocaine, it was bloody dehydrated bone broth.

Struggles Of An Outgoing Introvert | The Chronicles of Carly

Struggles Of An Outgoing Introvert

Are you an outgoing introvert? Then you would know that the struggle is quite seriously REAL.

People that are not all that close to me are often shocked to learn that I have a serious case of introvert-itis. Now, I have come to love my introverted self and have stopped resisting, which my body and mind have sincerely appreciated BUT being an outgoing introvert has its struggles.